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Strathpeffer - Castle Leod (Ross & Cromarty)
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Thanks to K. M. D’Arcy for the above photographs of a Giant Redwood at Castle Leod. Kevin says "In 2003 we visited the Castle Leod tree, after writing for and gaining permission from the Earl of Cromarty. Un-surprisingly we spent about four hours by and in the vicinity of the tree. We measured the girth 5ft from highest point of ground (my partner pictured at this task) which slopes quite a bit and the start point is on opposite side from my viewpoint.

The figure given on one of your pages is the same as A. A. Mitchell gives; I assume Mitchell’s figure predates 1978, possibly as early as 1974. We did not have the opportunity to measure the trees height accurately as it is very enclosed (when one is far enough from tree to see the top the whole tree is no longer visible). There is a small plaque near the base which gives heights and dates over the last century, this plaque also states that this sapling was grown from the first seeds to arrive in the British Isles, from Calaveras grove to Gourdiehill, Perth (August) 1853. The most recent height given was 2000 I think (The photo processors lost the roll of film with the shot of the plaque taken that day was on). We added to this figure the minimum reasonable growth for such a vigorous Sequoia @ 45-60cm height annually and arrived at what I feel was probably a conservative figure of 180ft. The girth measurement by the recognised method (twice), all figures were written down at the time.

18 February 2003 Castle Leod Sequoiadendron giganteum: 54.8 x 9.12m We believe that this (as previous figures also suggested) makes this the tallest specimen in the UK
Thanks to Tony for the photograph of the plaque which stands adjacent to this Giant Sequoia. Directly behind this tree he spotted a Coast Redwood. Tony said that it has; "a trunk about 300/350 diameter at approx 1.2 meters above ground, and I would guesstimate about 40 ft tall perhaps a little more.

The tree is directly adjacent to the giant redwood and to the left approaching from the castle and is planted rather close at about 50/80 feet from the base of the redwood. It is engulfed by other more mature trees and ideally would benefit from the removal of some of these.

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