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Strathpeffer - Strathbran House (Ross & Cromarty)
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Giant Redwood 2007
Thanks to Brian for sending these photograph of a Giant Redwood in Strathpeffer off the A834. Brian says "The previous owner of my property told me that he understood that it was planted around the time the house was built in the late 19th Century, but he could not be more precise. He thought it was a Sequoia."

The previous owner was correct about your tree. It is a Sequoia, more specifically it is of the type called Giant Sequoia aka Giant Redwood (Latin name: Sequoiadendron giganteum). They were discovered in 1852, when they were brought back from America and subsequently planted in the grounds of many large houses, cemeteries and some parks. This means that the previous owner was probably also correct about the planting date.

The flattened top indicates that it has had a lightning strike or has suffered some damage in severe storms. This is not unusual and it will of course soon recover.

Giant Redwood 2017
Brian sent some more photographs in 2017 of the Giant Redwood at Strathbran House and he mentioned that the top seems to have improved.
He also took a picture of the tree from the top of its 4 storey tower which he says is dwarfed by the tree.

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