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Maidstone - Leeds Castle (Kent)
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Giant Redwood - September 2020
Steve wrote to say "Iíve been a fan of your site a while and used it to track down Redwoods. Luckily my wife shares my enthusiasm and is happy to divert off to a nearby tree when we are going somewhere. When I see one I normally check your site to see if someone has added it, and they normally have! Today, however, I think I may have had my first sighting that is not on your site. I could be wrong but I canít see them listed.

I was on a Segway event with my wife at Leeds Castle near Maidstone in Kent, and spotted two Giant Redwoods that are about 15m away from a service road and probably about 20 years old. There is a nearby plaque next to an oak tree that looks to be a similar age and was probably planted at the same time and that says ďYear of the Tree 2000Ē, so I suspect my guess at 20 years is not far off.

Exact coordinates of the trees:
Tree on the left - 51.253306, 0.628350
Tree on the right - 51.253248, 0.628449

Also out on the Segway run itself I think I saw some more fairly newly planted trees. A run of about 4 or 5 are also planted here 51.249109, 0.623828, but I am not 100% sure as we drove past them fairly fast. Iím about 80% sure they were 4-5 year old Giant Redwoods.

Thanks Steve, congratulations on your first find! It's great to hear that you and your wife share an enthusiam for Redwoods.

Steve originally wrote in May 2020 to say "I went to California last September and a big part of the trip was to see the Coast and Giant Redwoods. I saw them when I was 6 in 1976 and have wanted to go back for the last 44 years. Standing in Mariposa Grove must have been very dusty because I certainly had something in my eye.

I can imagine the huge Redwoods in the American Groves are a sight to see, it must be fantastic to see them in the flesh, so to speak.
They are most certainly awe inspiring.

Coast Redwood - Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park - September 2019

Coast Redwood - Humboldt Redwoods State Park - September 2019

Giant Redwood - The House Group in Sequoia National Park Giant Forest - September 2019

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