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Linlithgow - Beecraigs Country Park (West Lothian)
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Scott wrote with some excellent news:
Someone is still planting them! I found these by accident at Beecraigs Country Park outside Linlithgow in Central Scotland.
Nice area of Forestry Commission planted woodland with a cleared area and 9 wee baby Sequoias lined up by a path next to the car park.
No information boards or anything to explain what they are or why they were planted there.
They are pretty close together considering they will be several meters across far in the future.
I'm not an expert at all but I feel they could have utilised the available space and spread them out a bit to create a grove rather than a line next to the path.
Anyway will be good to watch them grow even though I'll be long gone by the time they look really impressive.

Thank you for the photographs. Yes they do seem to have planted them rather close together,
though it's not an unusual occurance but at least people are planting them out.
I know what you mean about not being around to see them when they are all grown and impressive.
I've planted quite a few over the years and have to concede the same is true for me, but hopefully people in the future will benefit,
in the same way as we benefit from the Victorian plantings.
All the same, I wish I had discovered Redwoods and started planting them in my early twenties rather than in my fifties, but that's life!

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