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Humberstone - Pine Tree Avenue (Leicestershire) includes an Avenue
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Thanks to Mel for the above photograph of an avenue of Giant Redwoods in Leicester. Mel says, "My Fiance is a massive giant redwood fan and has had me driving round Leicester looking for them. These are from Pine Tree Avenue, Leicester LE5 1AL where we found around 20 trees. The whole street is lined with giant redwoods."

I am pleased to hear your finance is a Redwood fan and perhaps you will catch the bug too one day!

The Giant Redwoods were planted in parkland along what was then the drive to the now demolished Humberstone Hall.

* * * Update - August 2014 * * *

Karl wrote to say "I write to you with a potentially shocking story about these trees. Here is the BBC East Midlands article about this, I hope the local council see sense and leave these trees alone. Some of the residents seem to be suggesting the Redwoods are undermining their properties and the underground amenities (water, gas, electric). I notice that there are other varieties of tree on this road and thought that I had read elsewhere on your site that Redwoods actually cause very little damage for their size and wondered if it might be some of those other varieties that might be responsible and not the Redwoods."

How very sad about the trees under threat, I'm afraid this is a familiar story to me now. Some residents (who one assumes bought their houses when the redwood trees were already in the street) start to suggest the trees are damaging their properties in some way and off they go on a witch hunt quoting all kinds of statistics that agree with what they want to do, i.e. remove the trees.

I have heard it said that Redwoods cause very little damage, on my travels I have seen huge trees growing incredibly close to buildings with no problems whatsoever, some of those buildings have even be built very recently next to a mature redwood tree. Click on these links to see two examples, one close to a very new building, one near a very old building, both within a few yards of a big tree.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I hope Leicester City Council consults a bona fide tree surgeon or tree officer, experienced in these particular trees, before they go gaily chopping them down to save a little expense fixing the pavements occasionally, which would have to be done now and again in any case with wear and tear and weather damage.

* * * Update - February 2016 * * *

Ray sent a photograph of some road roadworks along Pine Tree Avenue. If anyone has any recent news about these trees please contact us.

Giant Redwood - June 2021

Giant Redwood - June 2021
* * * Update - June 2021 * * *

Dave wrote to tell us about the Leicester City Council strategy report from November 2020 which contains a photograph of the original avenue along the drive to Humberstone Hall and further details about this avenue of Wellingtonia.

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