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Godalming - Broadwater Park (Surrey)
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"The general view of Broadwater Park. The largest Giant sequoia is very prominent. I reckon it's around 40-45m tall."
Aidan emailed in September 2020 to tell us of a number of Redwood locations in Surrey, this is one of his finds.

"There are several trees at Broadwater Park near Godalming in Surrey.
There are three Giant sequoias, with many young ones planted around the park, two Dawn redwoods and one Coast redwood.

Aidan also told us that he is "the youngest ever volunteer verifier for the Woodland Trustís ATI (Ancient Tree Inventory) which I am quite proud of. I think itís safe to say I know a lot more about trees than your average 13 year old! I have loved trees all my life and as well as contributing to the ATI I also contribute to a website called monumentaltrees.com. This was where I first started becoming interested in measuring trees, something which I now find very addictive. According to Owen Johnson I have discovered a few new champion trees already, which, in the time of a year, is amazing. I have to say I do prefer conifers more than most broad-leaved trees, although mature beech is a very impressive sight. Redwoods are amazing trees so I would love to contribute here as well."

Thank you for your first contribution, great photographs too, I look forward to receiving more!
It's great to hear you're a volunteer verifier for the Woodland Trustís Ancient Tree Inventory, and it's marvellous that you've already found some new champion trees.
It's a great past-time and very worthwhile, nowadays trees are widely acknowledged as important to our environment and to our planet.
"The largest Giant sequoia. I measured a girth of 6.96m at 1.30m (I measured it when I had just started measuring trees and I thought 1.30m was the standard height of measuring tree girth. It would probably only be a bit less at 1.50m) The girth was measured in September 2019. It has a very large low branch."
"The second large Giant sequoia at Broadwater Park. The girth was 5.70m at 1.50m this time. The girth was measured in January 2020. Its height is about 20-25m."
"A third Giant sequoia. I havenít measured its girth yet but itís around 5m. This is a very branchy tree."
"The Coast redwood. Itís not huge but its still a nice tree. It has a girth of 3.85m at 1.50m."
"The tallest Dawn redwood tree I know of Ė it's about 30m tall. Although the girth is comparatively small at only 2.43m.
This tree is a bit off the path but close to the road, which is where I first spotted it.

"Another Dawn redwood at Broadwater Park.
I havenít measured its girth but it looks around 2.25m.

"One of the young Giant sequoias planted.
This photo was taken last autumn (2019) and the tree had grown quite a bit since then.

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