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Gloucester - Barnwood Arboretum (Gloucestershire)
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Thanks to Jason for these photographs of two Giant Redwood in Barnwood Arboretum. Jason explained the events that led him to this discovery. "I've been looking at planting trees instead of paying for someone else to do it for me as a carbon tax for a recent plane journey. It struck me that instead of planting a dozen or two willows I could instead plant a single *huge* tree which would lock away its carbon for much longer which is how I found your excellent site.

When I went to the list of sightings I was surprised to see no redwoods listed in Gloucestershire at all, so I thought I'd pop down to Barnwood Arboretum where I'd heard there was a redwood growing...

I found 2 of them there and took a few snaps, see attached pics. I didn't take any proper measuring tools with me, but using your rough 'n' ready method I later estimated the taller one to be 95ft tall and 17ft in girth at chest height. If you want more accurate stats for your site, I can go back with a friend and do a better job of sizing and photographing them.

Great idea to plant that carbon-guzzling Redwood! Very glad to add Gloucestershire to the list of sightings and if you would like to get more accurate measurements I would be pleased to add them.

"I was picking up a few cones in the hope of extracting some seeds when I found some (dozens) seedlings that had germinated in the shade of the nearby church/chapel, so I scooped out a couple as carefully as I could, carried them home and put them into pots. I've no idea if they'll take kindly to being cupped in my hands for the mile or so walk back home but I'll do my best to nurture them! If all goes well my partner's dad has a 2 acre smallholding with a stream running by which should provide a good home once they're past the stage when cows/sheep/pigs will bother them..."

I wonder whether the seedlings that you brought back are perhaps of the Coast Redwood type (Sequoia sempervirens) rather than Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum). My reasons for suspecting this are two-fold, firstly they prove temperamental and quite delicate when growing from seed and secondly despite several years visiting many hundreds of Giant Redwoods in England, I have yet to see even a single seedling that has grown naturally!

Nevertheless, whichever they prove to be, you have a couple of terrific seedlings. I do hope they survive and you will be able to tell about your own trees on the Tall Tales page in the future!

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