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East Kilbride - Calderglen Castle site (Lanarkshire)
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Iain's photographs above show another Giant Redwood in East Kilbride.

This time in "Calderglen at the site of the demolished Calderwood Castle.N55.771851, W4.134892 is roughly the co-ordinates taken from Google Earth, there's a lot of vegetation and is they are difficult to pin point."

Thanks Iain, what an unusual three-trunked tree - not easy to measure, and one of your photographs really shows off the rich red colour of the bark.

* * * Update - August 2015 * * *

Gavin wrote to say "I thought I’d have a check to see if you knew about the very old redwood tree which is behind my mum and dads house, “East Kilbride - Calderglen Castle site (Lanarkshire)” so was pleased to see it on the site. Locally it is known as one of the “sponge trees” due to the soft bark.

I just wanted to let you know the location of another one which is in front of my mum and dad’s house, I used to climb both of these when I was younger though this second one has had the top pollarded. (My dad is in the google maps picture). The google coordinates are 55.774708,-4.1361515.

Thank you for letting me know about the second tree Gavin, the view must have been great from the tree even if you didn't get to the top.

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