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Crawley - Tilgate Park (Sussex)
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Jerry says "the Tilgate park Giant is truly magnificent. One of the pics shows my daughter standing at the base of the trunk for size comparison. The second Giant is a fair size, but nothing like the main one. There is also a Coast and a Dawn at Tilgate, but I didn't have time to look for them."

There is a fascinating root system exposed at the bottom of this tree. I suppose the soil has eroded at some stage, but it does show why the Redwood tree holds fast in any storm. The Tree Register measured this Giant in 2002 at 9.05m girth! I hope to get there sometime in the future and measure it myself. Thanks again Jerry for all your Sussex Redwood finds.

*** Update - August 2012 ***
Thanks also to Martin who wrote: "Today my daughter and I measured the girth of the Giant redwood in Tilgate Park Crawley Sussex.
We found it to be 9.760m. It seems to have grown 700mm over the last 10 years.

I am still hoping to get to this tree one day and measure the height as well.

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