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Giant Redwood - March 2014
A fine looking Giant Redwood stands in a residence off East Street.
The above photograph was taken from a field (Cookfield) on the other side of the road.

The Giant Redwood that is now gone, photographed in December 2004
In the large field across the road from the first specimen there once stood another magnificent Giant Redwood
but a local resident we met in 2014 told us that it had been removed because "it was dead".
It is hard to imagine exactly what could have destroyed such a fine looking specimen within ten years.

Walking across to the Essex Way footpath though, this notice was found:

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The notice advises of a Pre Submission Plan for Cookfield, East Street, Coggeshall as a Housing site for 10+ dwellings.
This plan is available for comment up until 28th March 2014 and it will then be inspected to determine if it is 'sound' or not.
You can give your comments to the Council online, by email, post or telephone.

March 2014

It would be quite a rare occurence but perhaps the tree really did die from some disease or lightning strike. On the other hand a cynical person would consider that a large tree sitting in a field that was earmarked for development would adversely affect the sale value of that field, and might wonder whether this was relevant in the demise of the tree. At the very least it all seems rather convenient for the developers/landowner that the largest tree on the site is now gone.

It's sad to see the loss of a tree of around one hundred and fifty years of age that was a local amenity and a landmark for miles around.
I wonder how long it will be before the remaining Redwood suffers a similar fate.
Ah well, it's up to the local people to protect their environment as best they can.

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