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Chiswick - Harvard Hill Park (London)
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Sarah delivers one of the three Giant Redwood in style!
Karen wrote in October 2018 to say she had obtained permission to plant some trees in Harvard Hill Park - a fairly small park beside the A4. Arrangements were made for a tree planting day on 26th November 2018 and local school children were invited to come and help.

As well as all the other trees, three Giant Redwood were planted, a couple of them can be seen in the photographs. The parks department agreed to providing fencing as protection for a few years and hopefully they will be "peeping over the top of the elevated section a few years from now."

Two Giant Redwood amid a plethora of wheelbarrows and spades, and of course a delivery bicycle

A protective fence for a Giant Redwood

Volunteers ready to mulch the trees planted by the school children

A proud Karen standing beside one of the Giant Redwood

Another of the Giant Redwood planted on the Tree planting day
The plan is to create a "shelter belt" as a barrier to the noise and pollution of the road and to transform the park " into a more wildlife-friendly and bio-diverse area. We are planting 200 trees in this little neighbourhood space in Grove Park. We have 200 tiny saplings from the Woodland Trust of blackthorn, downy birch, silver birch, common oak, crab apple, goat willow, hawthorn, hazel, holly and rowan which we imagine in a few years as a shelter belt hedge full of sparrows and hedgehogs, while the stronger specimens will grow up into proper trees."

This is a fantastic project by people who are doing a great deal to improve our environment, and it's really great to see some Redwoods being included.
Well done to all concerned.

Sarah and the two Karens run Abundance London - a community project based in Chiswick, West London. "Abundance is a team of volunteers who have been harvesting city fruit, distributing it, making jams & preserves, or selling the surplus to local restaurants and shops on a non-profit basis, ie. the money goes back into the project or to local charitable organisations. "

Tree planting took place on Monday 26th November 2018

Thanks to Karen for this photograph taken in April 2019...

..and this one taken in December 2019.

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