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Giant Redwood Tree no. 1 - March 2005

Giant Redwood Tree no. 1 - January 2010
This very young specimen was planted in January 2002 by Barking Council to create a future focal point in Barking Park. It looks a little sparse at the moment and is surrounded by a few dead tree stumps, but Giant redwoods are real survivors, so hopefully this one will in time thrive and mature into a wonderful landmark visible for miles. Well done to Barking Council for an excellent choice of specimen tree.

On a brief visit in 2010 it was good to see this young tree in good health, having put on weight in foliage. I have noticed that young trees often suffer a bit of a setback for several years when they are first planted. This should give encouragement to anyone who is concerned about their young Giant Redwood saplings.

By the way, the "dead tree stumps" in the background were obviously still very much alive after their drastic haircuts in 2005!

* * * Update - August 2013 * * *

Giant Redwood Tree no. 1 - September 2013
Terry sent the above photograph of the Giant Redwood in 2013. Although it has suffered a little in the dry summer, it is still growing well.
Terry said, "I live near Barking Park in Essex. I noticed your web site on the redwood in Barking Park, so I went and located it. For a couple of years I have taken an annual picture of the tree. I have a interest in the redwood trees because my son live in California and I have visited the redwood forests. I have a question, is there only one redwood in Barking Park, because I think their are two, may be I am wrong. Can you help?"

A second Giant Redwood Tree no. 2 - September 2013
Terry's photograph shows that there is no mistaking this is another young Giant Redwood in Barking Park that I hadn't spotted. Thanks Terry!
A visit to measure this one, and to re-measure the first, is on my ever-increasing list of things to do.

* * * Update - August 2014 * * *

Thanks to Terry for sending approximate measurements of the two trees, calculated with the thumb and fist method he learnt on YouTube.
"The first recorded tree measures 4.8 metres high and the second tree (with chair in front) measures 6.7 metres high. Both trees look fine and are gaining height."

* * * Update - July 2017 * * *

Giant Redwood Tree no. 1 - July 2017

Giant Redwood Tree no. 2 - July 2017
Terry sent another update on the two Giant Redwood in Barking Park.

Terry says "The two trees are growing well and starting to look majestic. Measured by the fist and thumb method both trees have grown.
Tree1 Height is 5.8 metres. Tree2 (with chair in front) Height is. 7.5 metres."

Thanks Terry, they really are coming on well and taking on that typically conical shape of a youngish Giant Redwood. Looking back at the earliest picture of one of the trees, it's great to see how it has gone from looking very sparse and not particularly well, to looking incredibly lush.

* * * Update - February 2023 * * *

Giant Redwood Tree no. 1 - February 2023
We finally took an opportunity to revisit Barking Park in 2023 and noted that the park has changed somewhat since 2010. The car park is now chargeable and is not cash friendly! However, we found that the locals were. One kind lady let us know that the streets in the area were unrestricted on a Saturday so we parked in one of those and went in search of the two trees. The original one that we found in 2005 is next to a large building and the bowling green. Sadly the bowling green now looks unused. The tree is growing well with just a small percentage of brown foliage probably due to the very dry Summer of 2022.

Giant Redwood Tree no. 2 - February 2023
The other Giant Redwood is beside the big raised circle of grass and ring of flowers nearer to the lake. It appears that some of the lower branches have been removed, if only to allow people to use the bench beneath the tree! We did offer the person beneath the tree the chance to move before we took the photograph but he was quite happy to remain. Lucky for us as it's always handy to be able to compare the tree with the size of a person or car etc. As can be seen it is growing well despite also having a small percentage of browned foliage.

Giant Redwood Tree no. 2 - February 2023

War memorial wall

Drinking water fountain - sadly no longer functional

Common Names and Latin Name No. Latitude and Longitude OS National Grid Elevation
(above sea-level)
Height Date Measured
Giant Redwood, Wellingtonia
Sequoiadendron giganteum
1 N51.54451
TQ 44653 84905 44ft
February 2023
March 2005
2 N51.545376
TQ 44611 85000 -- 13.8m 1.3m February 2023

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